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Skagit Symphony School & Family Concerts 2017

School Concerts - Friday January 27, schools by pre-arranged times

Family Concert - Sunday January 29, 1:30pm

Skagit Symphony


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Sergei Prokofiev (1891 – 1953)

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Peter and the Wolf – The Story Summary

“Peter and the Wolf”, Prokofiev’s most light hearted and best loved work, is a narrated story set to music.  Each character in the story is identified by its own melody and instrument: 

The bird – flute
The cat – clarinet
The duck – oboe
Peter – string instruments
Grandfather - bassoon
Wolf – French horns
Hunters - woodwind and trumpets with timpani and bass drum for guns

Peter is a brave young boy who leaves his grandfather’s walled garden to venture out into the nearby meadow.  Leaving the gate open, he is followed by his pet cat and a duck to a pond where the duck takes a swim.  The cat eyes the duck and a bird in a nearby tree as the bird and duck start arguing, “What kind of bird are you if you can’t fly?”, “What kind of bird are YOU if you can’t swim?”  Peter seeing his stalking cat, warns the bird who flies up on a branch while the duck swims farther out into the pond.

The grandfather finds Peter outside the gate and scolds him for leaving the safety of the garden, “Suppose a wolf came out of the forest?” but Peter insists “Boys like me are not afraid of wolves.”  However, his grandfather leads him back to the house.  While Peter stands inside the gate and watches the bird, the duck and the cat, a big wolf creeps out of the forest towards the pond.  The bird escapes higher up into the tree, but the duck is too slow to escape, and the wolf swallows her with one gulp.  He looks hungrily up at the bird and cat who had joined the bird in the tree.

Alarmed, Peter runs to the house for a strong rope and climbs over the wall and up onto a big low hanging branch of the tree where the cat and bird crouch in fear.  Peter tells the bird to flutter around the wolf just enough to distract him while Peter makes a lasso which he lowers down over the wolf’s tail.  He pulls the rope tight.  Just then two hunters in chase of the wolf appear out from the forest.  Peter shows them how he had caught the wolf and warns them not to shoot, since he wants to take the wolf to the zoo.

The story ends with a procession led by triumphant Peter, the bird, the hunters, the scolding grandfather, and the cat.  Be sure to listen for the duck quacking, because the wolf had swallowed her alive.


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